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11:18am 08/04/2007
mood: April Cold!
Here are two videos from the most recent NYC concert by Ленинград (Leningrad) at the Webster Hall.

Also, check-out these crazy Dutch kids who made a video for "Меня зовут Шур" (My name is Shnur) track.

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Classical American Literature   
12:09am 08/04/2007
mood: Drunk
Роспись Дай! Party в пивбаре Брат 04/13 (Brooklyn)   
06:22pm 06/04/2007
mood: Party!
This Friday the 13th, join us as we're kicking-off this friendly drinking and dancing event in an attempt to make it a regular occurrence.

We'll be spinning a highly eclectic, multicultural set of tunes, with (almost) no prejudice, and for everyone's enjoyment.

Пивбар Брат - 124 Ave. O (Between W6 and W7), Brooklyn, NY